PC104-Blade for PC/104 form-factor Modules

The PC104-Blade concept has been developed with funding from two European H2020 projects – TULIPP and VineScout – and is targeted towards Sundance’s EMC2 boards that are PCIe/104 OneBank form-factor boards with Xilinx’s FPGA/SoC (Artix, Kintex, Zynq) or MicroSemi’s FPGA (PolarFire).


The EMC2 is an OpenSource board that is shared on CERN’s Open Hardware Repository site = https://ohwr.org/project/emc2-dp

The focus of the PC104-Blade is enabling PC/104 boards to be integrated into a box that is not only stackable, but also has no internal cables. The concept can be adopted to be used with ANY PC/104 form-factor boards.  Sundance are actively trying to share this concept amongst the PC/104 Consortium members.

Resource files available to download:

Full PC104-Blade technical drawings

3D rotating PDF (open in Acrobat reader)

*Above is a PDF version of the PC104-Blade drawings, but the full SolidWorks 3D files are available upon request free-of-charge from Sundance, using the “Contact Us” form.