PC/104 FFT Processor w. Virtex-5 FPGA

The SMT105-FMC is a FPGA I/O Module with a VITA’57 FMC-LPC™ Daughter Card based on the SMT105-FMCStackable Industry Standard PCIe/104™ format.

The SMT105-FMC has a large Xilinx Virtex-5 FXT FPGA for pre-processing tasks, local buffer Memory and I/O interface to the PCI Express and SATA Interfaces.

The SMT105-FMC can be used either as an I/O-Blade for a Single Board Computer with either the OneBank or Three-Bank PCIe/104™ Connector solution or used as a “Head-Less” solution, ie. Remote Host Controlled.

  • Virtex-5 FXT FPGA (including integrated PowerPC™ cores)
  • Virtex-5 SXT FPGA for FFT Processing Applications
  • VITA57.1 FMC-LPC ™ Carrier
  • 512Mbyte DDR2 memory.
  • 3 banks of QDRII memory, arranged as 2Mbit by 36 (Optional)
  • USB2 Interface to FPGA.
  • RS232 interfaces.
  • MicroSD/Transflash.
  • 4-lane and 1-lane PCI Express interfaces. Type 1 or Type 2SMT105-FMC_top

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