PC/104 OneBank Carrier for FPGA and SoC Modules

The EMC²-SoM is a PCIe/104 OneBank™ Carrier for a Trenz compatible FPGA and SoC Module and has expansion for a VITA57.1 FMC™ LPC I/O board. It also has I/O pins, using a 100-way Samtec RazorBeam connectors system, the “Sundance Expansion Interface Connector” (SEIC) can be customize for individual applications and bespoke connectors.

The PCIe/104 OneBank™ design enables the EMC²-SoM to be added to robust and rugged installations for various commercial, medial, industrial and military uses.

  • PCIe/104 OneBank Carrier for Trenz FPGA and SoC Modules
  • PCI Express Gen 2 compatible and integrate PCI Express switch
  • Infitive number of EMC²-SoM can be stacked for large I/O solutions
  • Expandable with any VITA57.1 FMC I/O Module for more flexibility
  • 96mm x 90 mm PC/104 Form-Factor with Cable-less Break-Out PCB Connector