FMC Mezzanine module with 4 channel 100MSPS ADC

By default this card only uses signals from the LPC rows of the HPC connector that is mounted.  The gain can be set by software in three steps: +/-50mV, +/-0.5mV, and +/-5V.  AN advanced offset circuit is used in the front-end design of the ADC board, and allows a voltage shift in the range og +/-5V that is independent of the chosen gain range.


  • FMC module 4 channel ADC bits/sample 14 bit (HPC connector)
  • Max. sample rate 105MSPS
  • Analogue bandwidth 30MHz.  DC-coupled (40MHz possible)
  • ENO11, 11.5, 11.7 bit (@+/-50mV, +/-0.5V, +/-5V range)
  • 4 x LEMO 00 for signals, 1 x LEMO 00 for trigger
  • Input impedance 1 kOhm / 50 Ohm – software selectable offset correction range +/-5V for every input voltage rangemax. gain error +/-1%
  • SNR 67.7 dB, 70.8 dB, 72.2 dB, (@ +/-50mV, +/-0.5V, +/-5V range)
  • ADC interface Serial LVDS, 2 pairs for each channel


To download the datasheet for the NES-FMC4ADC please click here.