FM550 –

FM550Dual Channel mini-SAS I/O FMC – High-Pin Count

The FM550 is an I/O module equipped with two external mini-SAS x4 connectors. I/O FMCs of this sort are typically used to provide inter-module connectivity via the front-panels of carrier cards fitted with similar interfaces, or fan-out to multiple external devices such as mini-SAS drives.

Eight full-duplex high-speed serial lanes connect through the DP[0:7]_M2C/C2M lines of the HPC FMC connector to the FPGA of the carrier card. The mini-SAS connector is designed for signalling up to 10Gbps, contingent upon support of this rate by the interfacing FPGA device.

Any FPGA-supported protocol for implementation on one to four SerDes lanes may be utilized, with typical examples being external PCIe, XAUI, SRIO, SerialLite II, Aurora, SATA or SAS.

A low-jitter oscillator is fitted to the FM550, suitable for use as a reference clock source. The default value of the oscillator is 125MHz, but different values maybe requested upon ordering.

When matched with a suitable FMC carrier card, the Aurora Rocket IO Firmware Reference Design can be used to accelerate development of a multi-card front-panel interconnectivity design.


  • 2x SFF-8088 interfaces
  • 4x lanes per interface
  • Compliant with mini-SAS pin-out
  • Designed for up to 10Gbps operation


  • LVDS signalling levels
  • Default frequency: 125MHz
  • Total stability: ±31.5ppm max
  • Supplied on FMC GBTCLK0


  • 8x high-speed serial lanes on DP[0:7]_M2C/C2M
  • 2x loopbacks on DP[8:9]_C2M/M2C
  • 17x loopbacks on LA[33:0]
  • 12x loopbacks on HA[23:0]
  • 11x loopbacks on HB[21:0]

FM550 Datasheet