FM510 w. Break-Out Board_800Dual SDI + Analog Video + GPIO Interfaces – High-Pin-Count

The FM510, an air cooled Video I/O FMC, is used for standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) video processing in combination with I/O and control applications.  The front panel contains two HD-BNC connectors as primary video interface and a high0-density connector for secondary video and I/O interfaces.

The FM510 supports SDI digital video and PAL \ NTSC analogue video, with different order options for the specific primary and secondary video configurations.  The -AD option has an analogue video input and a SDI video output  on the two front panel (primary) HD-BNC connectors, allowing  SD to HD up-scaling, combined with user specific video processing.

The high-density connector provides RS422, RS485, CAN and discrete I/O interfaces.  The discrete inputs and outputs are optically isolated and require and external driver voltage.  Stereo audio inputs and outputs, as well as a secondary video interface, are also available on the high-density connector.

The secondary video and I/O interfaces on the high-density connector are accessed by means of an Adaptor Board that connects to the FM510 front panel.

On the Adaptor Board, two HD-BNC connectors provide a secondary video interface and two Samtec connectors provide twisted pair ribbon cable headers for I/O connections (RS422, RS485, CAN discrete I/O and audio) to other sub-systems.

The secondary video interface on the Adaptor Board is configured in conjunction with the FM510 primary video configuration, e.g. the FM510-AD option has an analogue video input and SDI video output on the front panel, combined with a SDI video input and analogue video output on the Adaptor Board.



Digital Video

  • SDI Video input & output (75 Ω)
  • Supported formats
    • SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M)
    • HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M)
    • 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M)

 Analogue Video

  • Composite (CVBS) Video input & output (75 Ω)
  • Supported formats
    • PAL B/D/G/H/I/M/N
    • NTSC M
  • Square pixel operation

 General Purpose IO

  • 10 x full-duplex RS422 interfaces
  • 4 x half-duplex RS485 interfaces
  • 4 x half-duplex CAN interfaces
  • 4 x isolated digital outputs (external 5-30V)
  • 4 x isolated digital inputs (12-30V)
  • 2 x stereo Audio inputs and outputs (600 Ω)

 FM510 Front Panel

  • Primary Video input and output on 2x HD-BNC connectors
  • High-density Samtec’s RazorBeam connector (LSHM-150-01-L-RH-A-S-K-TR)


  • Video Reference Design (VRD)
    • Analogue video encoder and decoder interfaces
    • SD to HD up-scaling
    • 18x UARTS on RS422, RS485 and CAN
    • Read and write of digital IOs
    • Audio interface to DSP
  • Firmware development services available on request


  • Video processing
    • SD to HD conversion
    • Custom video processing
    • Symbology overlay
    • Video tracking
  • Audio processing
  • Digital communications and control
  • Automotive control

Download the Datasheet.