4 channel DAC FMC module – High-Pin-CountRFM_DACNF04-S250KH

The RFM-DACNF04 is a four channel Digital to Analog converter FMC which complies with VITA 57.1-2010. Each channel provides 16-bit input and one DC coupled single-end analog output with DC – 250KHz sampling speed based on Linear Technology’s LTC2704-16. The 16-bit input data for each channel is provided through SPI from the FPGA on the FMC carrier board. A single-ended TTL level trigger output is provided from the FPGA.

Output specification

  • 4-ch of 16-bit DAC
  • Impedance 50-ohm single-end
  • DC coupling
  • Output level 0 to +5V, +/-5V, 0 to +10V or +/-10V
  • External clock: DC coupled TTL(3.3V) level

To download the Hardware Reference Manual for this product, please click here.