• ADC12J2700 – 12bit 2.7GSPS JESD204B.
  • LM95233 for ADC temperature monitoring.
  • JESD204B via HPC connector, 8 lanes 5.4Gbps per lane.
  • AD9136 – 16-bit dual channel 2.8GSPS JESD204B DAC.
  • HMC7044 – High performance 3.2GHz JESD204B jitter attenuator.
  • 3 Input connectors type SSMC:
    • One for single ended input of ADC signal, up to 2.7GHz.
    • One connector for trigger input(logic level).
    • One for clock input(can be used as Device clock for ADC and DAC, and can be used as reference clock for ADC and DAC)
  • 2 output connectors for DAC output, type SSMC.
  • JESD204B Subclass 1 capable.
  • 100 MHz onboard VCXO.
  • 2 Tx and Rx High speed lanes available on additional Molex nano-pitch connector.
  • 2 Additional LVDS lines from FMC connector available via Molex nano-pitch connector.
  • 2 Clock signals and Vadj power supply available on Molex nano-pitch connector.
  • I2C from FMC connector available via Molex nano-pitch connector.
  • Vadj supported voltages:1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V
  • Power consumptions: 12V – max 1.1A , 3.3V – max 0.6A, Vadj – max 0.1A

To download the user manual for the FMC-DAQ2P5 please click here.

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