FMC-SDR400 DUAL RF Multiple-Input/Output FMC for Software Defined Radio

FMC-SDR400 is a Dual RF multiple input/output module (MIMO) based on AD9361, 70MHz – 6GHz RF transceiver and AD9656 ADC for baseband sampling of less than 70MHz (input only in this range). A software selectable gain and tunable RF bandpass front-end section provides high RF sensitivity by allowing rejection of out-of-band-of-interest interfering signals.

FMC-SDR400 platform is intended for prototyping and development of many software defined radio applications, such as active antennas, receive beamforming and angle of arrival systems. Thanks to its high-sensitivity and tunable bandpass filters, it can also function as a production and field product in a wide range of applications.

FMC-SDR400 can operate in a ‘FMCOMMS compatibility mode’, while an extended mode is possible to exploit all the added capabilities (direct baseband sampling and tunable BP filters). An external reference clock input is available in order to synchronise boards in a multiple board configuration. The number of input or output channels is a build option. Two simultaneous Rx and Tx channels are available at frequencies above 70Mhz and only 2x simultaneous Rx for lower frequencies.

  • 2 RF Channels, DC to 6 GHz acquisition
  • Software tunable Channel Bandwidth 200 kHz-56 MHz
  • 2 x Multiple Synchronized Input and output
  • AD9361 Dual 12 bits transceivers
  • Tunable RF Bandpass Filters
  • AD9656 Dual 16 bits AD converter (for baseband RF)
  • High-level software support
  • (Linux, GNU Radio, Matlab / Simulink)
  • FMC connection, FMCOMMS compatibility mode
  • Compatible with ADI FMCOMMS reference designs
  • Shielded RF design


  • General Software Defined Radio
  • Radio Astronomy
  • Ship Tracking
  • Aircraft Tracking
  • GSM/3G/4G/LTE Network
  • Wireless Communications
  • Prototyping
  • Signal Intelligence
  • Medical wireless integration
  • Radar

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