FMC103 – LPC

4-Channel ADC FMC Module – Low-Pin-CountFMC104-FMC103

The FMC103 is a four-channel ADC FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) which is fully compliant with the VITA 57.1-2010 standard. The FMC103 card provides four 12-bit 210 MSPS A/D channels which can be sampled by an internal clock source (optionally locked to an external reference) or an externally supplied sample clock. A trigger input for customized sampling control is also available. The FMC103 has the LPC (Low-Pin Count) 160-Pin connector, front panel I/O, and is conduction cooled compliant. The board is also available with Mil-I-46058c compliant Conformal Coating.

The design is based on the TI ADS62P28 Dual Channel 12-Bit 210 MSPS ADC with programmable DDR LVDS or parallel CMOS (LVCMOS) outputs. The analog signal inputs can be either single ended or differential, AC- or DC coupled connecting to SSMC coaxial connectors on the front panel.The FMC103 allows flexible control on sampling frequency, analog input gain, and offset correction through serial communication with a carrier card. Furthermore the card is equipped with power supply and temperature monitoring and offers several power-down modes to switch off unused functions.

  • Four Channel 12-bit 210 MSPS A/D conversion
  • Available as air cooled and conduction cooled
  • VITA 57.1-2010 compliant
  • Based on TI ADS62P28
  • LVDS or 1.8V LVCMOS output operation
  • Coaxial front panel inputs on SSMC connectors
  • Single ended AC- or DC-coupled analog input
  • Optional analog differential input
  • Flexible clock tree enables:
    • internal clock
    • external clock
    • cascading multiple boards – Optional
  • LPC (Low-Pin Count) 160-Pin Connector
  • Mil-I-46058c Conformal Coating Compliant – Optional

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