6ch ADC, 2ch DAC – High-Pin-CountRFM_ADAFF62-A105_P500MH

The RFM-ADAFF62 is a six channel Analog to Digital and two channel Digital to Analog mixed converter FMC which complies with VITA 57.1-2010. Each AD channel provides AC coupled single-end analog input and 16-bit single-ended output with 20-105MHz sampling speed based on ADI AD9650. Each DA channel provides 16-bit single-ended input and one DC coupled differential analog output with 1 – 500MHz sampling speed based on Maxim MAX5888A.

  • Input specification
    • 6-ch
    • impedance 50-ohm single-ended
    • Cross Talk 100dB@10MHz, 80dB@30MHz
    • S/N 82dB or over
    • LPF 400KHz-30MHz@-3dB
    • AC coupling 1.0Vpp
    • External clock: impedance 50-ohm, max 2.5Vpp
  • Output specification
    • 2-ch
    • impedance 50-ohm differential
    • DC coupling
    • output level 1Vpp (0V to 1V)