1-Channel DAQ Module – High-Pin-Countfmc170

The FMC170 is an analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) FMC daughter card that provides one 10-bit A/D channel at 5Gsps and one 10-bit D/A channel at 5Gsps. The sample clock can be supplied externally or by an internal clock source (optionally locked to an external reference). The clock tree enables cascading of multiple boards for phase-locked sampling. A trigger input is also available for customized sampling control. The FMC170 is mechanically and electrically compliant to the FMC standard (ANSI/VITA 57.1-2010). It features a high-pin count (HPC) connector and can be used in a conduction-cooled environment.

The low latency data path of the FMC170 enables 2.5GHz of instantaneous bandwidth in both the receive and transmit directions. The analog signal input and output are AC-coupled and connected to MMCX or SSMC coax connectors on the front panel. The FMC170 allows flexible control of clock source, sampling frequency, and calibration through I2C communication. The ADC has individual calibration circuits for fine-tuning of gain, offset, and phase. The card is also equipped with power supply and temperature monitoring and offers several power-down modes to switch off unused functions or protect the card from overheating. The FMC170 is ideal for applications where limited space is available such as RADAR/SONAR, wireless telecommunications, and aerospace test and measurement instruments.

  • Single-channel, 10-bit A/D up to 5Gsps
  • Single-channel, 10-bit D/A up to 5Gsps
  • VITA 57.1-2010 compliant
  • Conduction-cooled – Standard Option
  • AC-coupled analog signals
  • LVDS IO signaling
  • 6 SSMC or MMCX front panel connectors
  • Clock source, sampling frequency, and calibration through I2C communication
  • Flexible clock tree enables:
    • Internal clock source
    • External sampling or reference clock
  • Power-down modes to switch off unused functions for system power savings
  • Mil-I-46058c Conformal Coating Compliant (optional)
  • HPC – High Pin Count connector

Download Block Diagram