VR300 – Test RTM with Ethernet SFP

vr300_800The VR300 is a Test RTM, typically used during firmware and software development and debugging cycles on  the VF360. The rear panel contains two mini-USB connectors, a Dual mini-SAS (SFF-8088) connector and a SFP case.

The SFP cage provides a 1Gbps Ethernet connection to the DSP. Copper and optical SFP transceiver modules are supported.

The eight full-duplex High-Speed Serial Interface lanes on the Dual mini-SAS connects to the FPGA on the X8d[1:4] and X12d[1:4] OpenVPX signals. Typical protocols on the mini-SAS is PCIe, XAUI, SRIO, SerialLite II and others.

The FPGA mini-USB connector on the rear panel is part of a USB-Blaster, implemented on the VF360, that connects to the FPGA. It provides SignalTap® II and other JTAG based functionality.

The DSP mini-USB connector on the rear panel is part of an XDS100 emulator, implemented on the RTM, that connects to the DSP. It provides in-circuit emulation (ICE) functionality as well as a USB serial port for debugging.

A VF360 Firmware Reference Design (FRD) provides a XAUI interface on the VR300 mini-SAS connector for a cable connection to other cards in the same or other racks.

The VF360 Parsec product is a 3U VPX carrier card with a Stratix® V FPGA, TMS320C667X DSP processor and FMC site.


  • mini USB connector
  • Connects to Stratix® V FPGA
  • SignalTap® II Logic Analyzer
  • FPGA configuration via JTAG
  • EPCQ Programming


  • mini USB connector
  • Connect to TMS320C667X DSP
  • In Circuit Emulation (ICE)
  • USB Serial Port for debugging
  • Compatible with Code Composer Studio


  • 1Gbps Ethernet connection to DSP
  • SFP cage supports copper and optical SFP transceiver modules


  • Dual SFF-8088 connector
  • 8x full-duplex High-Speed Serial Interface lanes
  • Connect to FPGA on X8d[1:4] and X12d[1:4] OpenVPX signals
  • Up to 6Gb/s data rate
  • Up to 10m cables


  • VF360 Firmware Reference Design (FRD) with XAUI on Mini-SAS
  • Firmware development services available on request


  • FPGA debugging with SignalTap® II Logic analyzer
  • DSP debugging and in-circuit emulation with XDS100
  • 1Gbps Ethernet connection via SFP
  • High-speed serial rear panel connection between cards