VF-3613U OpenVPX FMC carrier + KeyStone DSP Board

The VF361 is a 3U OpenVPX module that leverages on the ALTERA Arria ® V SoC FPGA, ARM Cortex-A9, and Texas Instruments Keystone Multicore DSP technology to provide a high bandwidth processing platform, ideally suited for computation and bandwidth intensive applications such as RADAR, networking, SIGINT, EW, SDR and Video.

The Arria® C SiC FPGA integrates a Hard Processor System (HPS) with dual-core ARM Cortex-A9  MPCore processor, DDR SDRAM controller, Memory Management  Unit (MMU) and numerous interface peripherals into the FPGA.

The ARM Neon ™ media processing engine with double-precision vector floating-point (VFP) unit accelerates multimedia and signal processing algorithms.

The ARM processor supports symmetric (SMP) and asymmetric (AMP) multiprocessing, running from simple bare-metal applications to single and multicore operating systems like Linux, VxWorks® and other.  It is ideal for safety and mission critical software applications.

The ARM Development studio (DS-5) Altera Edition provides a suite of tools for embedded C/C++ software development with powerful debugging capabilities such as cross-trigger (FPGA <-> ARM)  debug, program trace and multi-core debug through the ARM Coresight™ JTAG debug port.

A PC based Altera SoC virtual target allows firmware and software development to start on a virtualised Altrea development board.




  • Arria® V SX family on the KF40 (1517 FBGA) package
    • SX Device variants: B3 and B5
  • Hard Processor System (HPS)
  • Embedded device memory: 19-25 Mb
  • Embedded device multipliers (18×18)L 1618 – 2180
  • DDR3 ARM external Memory
    • Up to 1GB DDR3 @ 667MHz, default 512Mb
  • DDR3 and QDRII+ FPGA external memory
    • Up to 1GB DDR3 @ 667 MHz (arranged as 256M x 32-bit), default 512MB
    • Up to 16MB QDRII+ SRAM @ 400MHz (arranged as 8M x 18-bit), default 8MB

Hard Processing System (HPS)

  • Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor
  • ARM Neon™ media processing engine with double precision vector floating point (VFP)
  • 8-channel DMA controller
  • USB On-The-Go controller (OTG)
  • Numerous other system and interface peripherals
  • ARM Coresight™ JTAG debug access port

Digital Signal Processing:

  • TI KeyStone Multicore C667x family of processors
    • Up to 8 cores @ 1.2 GHz
  • External memory: Up to 2Gb DDR3 @667MHz, default 1GB

FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC-HPC):

  • 5x High-Speed Serial Interface lanes
  • Differential and single-ended interfaces on LA and HA

VPX Interface:

  • Complies with OpenVPX MOD3-PAY-3F2U-16.2.12-2 module profile
    • PCIe Gen2 Data plane (3x Fat Pipes)
    • GigE 1000BASE-BX Control plane (2x Ultra-Thin Pipes)
    • Payload module with System Controller capability
  • Supports FPGA configurable User I/O on P2
    • 24x single-ended 2.5V LVCMOS I/Os
    • 10x High-Speed Serial Interface lanes


Download the Datasheet.

Arria ® is a registered trademark of Altera Corporation.