evp6472_smallThe EVP6472 is the industry’s first off-the-shelf multiprocessor, multicore solution that features dual Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C6472 Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

It can be  ordered with either a Virtex 5 FX30T or a Virtex 5 FX70T FPGA.

Due to the modular design concepts used, the EVP6472 can be easily upgraded to add a multitude of I/Os for almost any application.

  • EVP6472 – The basic system
  • EVP6472 with Analogue Inputs
    • EVP6472-384 (Four 14-bit ADCs)
    • EVP6472-390 (Two 12-bit ADCs)
    • EVP6472-391 (Two 8-bit ADCs)
    • EVP6472-916 (Twelve 16-bit ADCs)
    • EVP6472-941  (Four 14-bit ADCs)
  • EVP6472 with Digital Inputs
    • EVP6472-381 (Two 14-bit DACs)
    • EVP6472-942 (Four 16-bit DACs)
  • EVP6472 with Data Acquisition
    • EVP6472-943 (Two 14-bit ADCs & Two 16-bit DACs)
  • EVP6472 for Signal Generation
    • EVP6472-339 (Two 14-bit DDSs)
  • EVP6472 with RF Front ends
    • EVP6472-903 (Dual WiMax RF)
    • EVP6472-911 (Dual RF MIMO)
  • EVP6472 for Image Processing
    • EVP6472-909 (Dual Multi-channel Video Decoder – Up to 16 channels)
    • EVP6472-939 (DVI Transceiver)
    • EVP6472-949 (Dual CameraLink Receiver)
  • EVP6472 for Communication
    • EVP6472-922 (RS-422 Camera Link interface)
    • EVP6472-945 (Ethernet & LVTTL)