oi115 – HDMI In / Out

The OI115 is a combination of a HDMI In / Out module and the EMC²-DP.

As such this system gives you HDMI In and Out on a one bank PC104 FPGA carrier card.

Key points of the I/O module:

  • HDMI Input/Output FMC module (FMC-IMAGEON)
  • HDMI input
  • HDMI output
  • Interface for ON Semiconductor VITA image sensor modules
  • Video clock synthesizer

Key points of the carrier:

  • PCIe/104 OneBank Carrier for Trenz SoC Modules
  • PCI Express Gen 2 compatible and integrate PCI Express switch
  • Infitive number of EMC²-DP can be stacked for large I/O solutions
  • Expandable with any VITA57.1 FMC I/O Module for more flexibility
  • 96mm x 90 mm PC/104 Form-Factor with Cable-less Break-Out PCB Connector

We have a wide range of FPGA modules.  They are all based on the Trenz 5×4 System on Module standard, including Artix, Zync, Kintex and Kintex UltraScale FPGAs

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