Small footprint System On Module. Low power, highly secure FPGA from the PolarFire family from Microsemi.

What is a “COTS” Module?

“SoM” or “System on Module” offers a fully working computer on small form-factor PCB and can be used on “COTS Boards” with different application and are typical second-sourced by a number of vendors or are based on “Open Standards”.

Why choose “COTS” Boards?

“COTS” or “Commercial-off-the-Shelves” are boards that are manufactured by “Original Design Manufactures” following an Industry Standards, like PC/104, PXI or VPX. They typical contains “SoM” to be more flexible and to be self-contained.

How to make “COTS” a System?

Some “COTS” boards, like PXI and VPX, will require a backplane/19″ rack and industry standards are established from leading suppliers, whereas some “COTS”, like PC/104 are Stackable and requires a Blade concept for expansion.
We provide both!

Who are Sundance.Technology?

Sundance.Technology is the showcase for “System-on-Modules” and “COTS” boards that are available from Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd. We offer leading-edge “COTS” solutions for any application, be it low power Automation, high performance Communications or portable solutions for Surveillance. Please have a look round and if you would like more details, information or help, then “Contact