FM581 – HPC

The FM581 is a six channel, 370 MSPS conduction called ADC FMC module.  The module simultaneously samples six analogue inputs from the front panel connectors and makes the digitized data available through JESD204B interfaces on the FMC connector.

The ADCs are configured via Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) that provides access to the converter’s internal registers.  This allows user customization of the ADC setting for optimal performance in a given application.

An internal or front panel trigger initiates the capturing of samples from the ADC converters.  The sampling clock is selectable from either an external source or on-board oscillator.

The single ended analogue inputs are converted to differential signals and routed to the ADC inputs.

A Firmware Development Kit (FDK) supports data capture to memory and DMA functions for the VF360 FMC carrier card.  Custom development of FPGA pre-processing functions (e.g. digital down-converter) is also provided for.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a LINUX driver and example application for the VF360 FMC carrier card.


  • 3x Texas Instruments ASC16DX370 Dual ADCs
  • SNR: 69 dBFS with AIN = 231 MHz
  • SFDR: 85 dBFS with AIN = 231 MHz
  • Sampling resolution: 16 bits
  • Front panel input connectors
    • Analogue Inputs
      • Six single ended AC coupled analogue inputs
      • RF input bandwidth (-3 dB): 800MHz
      • Full scale input power: +7 dBm (1.4 Vpp)
      • Input impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Clock Input
      • Single ended AC coupled LVPECL/LVDS
      • Frequency range: 50 – 370 MHz
      • Input Voltage: sine or square wave (1V p-p)
      • Input impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Trigger Input
      • Single ended DC coupled LVPECL/LVTTL
      • Input impedance: 50 Ohm
  • FMC Interface
    • 6x JESD204B interfaces for digitized samples
    • SPI interface from ADC configuration
    • Discrete control lines
  • Firmware and Support Software
    • FDK for custom firmware development on VF360
    • SDK with LINUX driver and example application
    • Firmware development services available on request.

Application examples:

  • High bandwidth sampling
  • Wideband receiver sub-sysyems
  • Multi-channel digital receivers
  • IF sampling
  • Software defined radio